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Hi, I'm Neets (Anita).

It's true, I really did start coding & designing since I was a child and I started my first business at 23. I've been entrepreneurial ever since.

Running my own business from a young age means I picked up some skills along the way. Whether it’s logo/ website design, brand photography, packaging, strategy, or social media support—I’ve made mistakes so you can avoid them. These days, I am more interested in elevating others and getting folks off the ground— mainly because I love to see good people succeed.

Five Fun Facts

1. I am a big fan of snacks, especially interesting chip flavours, and will often do reviews on my personal Instagram.

2. I have my first children’s book coming out in 2021.

3. I have done a Tedx talk (You can watch it here!)

4. Now, I'm your brand's biggest cheerleader but for over 10 years, I was a competitive cheerleader.

5. I love swimming in the ocean- even if it’s winter and the water is 6 degrees Celsius (that’s 42F for my American pals!